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Engineering Modifications Simplify a Florida HRSG Removal and Replacement Project

Market: Power

Location: Florida

Project Dates: 03/2011 – 04/2011

hrsg removal replacement 3

The Challenge

A customer contracted Barnhart to remove six old heater recovery steam generators (HRSG’s) and replace them with new modules. However, the team used the same tilting frame for both the removal and replacement, making the project rather difficult because the older, smaller HRSG’s did not completely fit the Nooter/BCR tilting frame.

The Solution

Barnhart fabricated special lifting lugs and a support beam so older modules would fit perfectly into the tilting frame.

hrsg removal replacement 2

The Description

A customer wished to replace six old Foster Wheeler HRSG’s, a series of pipes that recover heat to generate more steam and, thus, electricity. The old HRSG’s were too small to fit into the Nooter/BCR tilting frame, a device that safely cages large equipment on a trailer and easily allows for lifting and lowering of that equipment from the trailer.

hrsg removal replacement 1

As a result, Barnhart fabricated special lifting lugs and a support beam to securely fit the modules into the tilting frame. An additional deck spacer on the Goldhofer trailer eased the module’s heavy load on the trailer’s axle lines.

Because the job took place on a power plant, the team had little room to maneuver the lifting equipment. However, the crew completed the job successfully and on time.

Major Equipment Used

  • Goldhofer Trailer
  • BCR/Nooter Tilting Frame