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Engineering Promptly Finishes a Turbine and Generator Haul and Minimizes Transport Costs

Market: Power

Location: North Carolina

Project Dates: 03/2011

Turbine Generator Transport Haul 1

The Challenge

A customer contracted Barnhart to haul, lift, and set steam equipment after the project had already been started. Starting behind schedule forced the team to work quickly.

The Solution

Engineering meetings and prompt responses to customer requests kept the project on schedule, while their design for an adapter plate to combine the Marino girder/track to the Barnhart gantry track instrumentally minimized transport costs.

Turbine Generator Transport Haul 2

The Description

A contractor tasked Barnhart to perform an onsite transport and setting of the GE STG HP/IP steam turbine and generator. The project was already underway and behind schedule when Barnhart took the job.

The team worked diligently with the customer to answer every request to keep the project on schedule. The site provided little room to work, and extremely cold, wet weather made work even more difficult.

Turbine Generator Transport Haul 3

As the engineering team met numerous times to meet the fast-paced schedule, they designed an adapter plate to combine the Marino girder/track to the Barnhart gantry track. The innovative equipment reduced transport costs for the customer and will also reduce expenses on later projects.

Major Equipment Used

  • Goldhofer Trailer
  • Stator Frame
  • 500T Hoist