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During a spring turnaround at a petroleum refinery in Illinois, Barnhart was asked to remove and replace eight heat exchanger bundles. Four were located on the second level and four were on the third level of the unit. The challenge was how to safely and effectively reach 10 feet into the unit to replace them.

A further challenge was a pipe rack on the outside of the structure which protruded an additional eight feet.  Also, due to the support members on the unit structure, several windows needed to be created to pull the exchanger bundles from the unit.

Barnhart’s Moving Counterweight Cantilever Beam was utilized to make the 10 foot reach into the unit.  The bundles were then basket-rigged tightly to the beam in order to clear the steel support structure between the first and second levels. In addition, Barnhart’s innovative engineering team provided an alternative solution to dismantling the pipe rack on the outside of the unit.

The bundles were successfully removed and replaced. Efficient planning and coordination by Barnhart’s team enabled the project to be completed safely and profitably, while providing a value solution to the client.

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