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It’s fitting that during this season of football, colorful leaves and crisp breezes, we also focus on the kind of fall that can be dangerous. In this industry, and others, it’s common for our teams to work on projects far above ground level.

That invites the potential for a fall and this video from Barnhart University and Safety Trainer Daniel Voss outlines some methods you can use to protect yourself from fall hazards.

  • Avoid or eliminate the fall hazard altogether
  • Use secondary supports like guard rails or ladder cages
  • Rely on a fall restraint or arrest system. Make sure you inspect both visually and manually all components of the harness and rigging for wear, cracks or holes including the lanyard, webbing straps, and connection hook.
  • Have a plan in place in case of rescue after a fall.  Everyone needs to know how this rescue will be performed.

See more tips below.