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It’s been called the Great Resignation, the mass exodus of workers from their jobs in 2021. Jobs were plentiful, and workers had their pick of the litter. No need to stay in a dead-end job.

It’s easy to quit. But finding a job you want to keep? That’s harder. And one that gives you opportunity to grow? Even more difficult.

3 Barnhart employees

Barnhart is an established heavy lift and transport company with branch locations across the United States. We’re seeking top performers looking for a purposeful career as salespeople, branch administrators, engineers, riggers, office personnel and crane operators, positions which you’ll see in our available jobs.

We believe that hard work is good and valuable.  These basic beliefs drive our practices for hiring, training, and developing our employees. 

Yet we understand the importance of life balance, benefits and better opportunities. For instance, our benefits for eligible employees include 401(k), family health plans, maternity/paternity leave and more. That “more” is why Barnhart has one of the best benefits programs in the industry.


Barnhart was founded in 1969 in Memphis as a small family-owned business with a single branch. Today, we are still family-run, but we’ve grown to be one of the largest heavy lift and tranport organizations in the U.S.    

With over 50 locations from coast-to-coast, we have truly built a reputation as one of the best, which is why we are seeking the best, brightest and those willing to make an impact.   

We’re not just focused on our company’s growth, we’re focused on yours as well. We know that people are ultimately fulfilled when they perform work that utilizes their natural gifts and personal strengths.  We help our employees live up to their potential by giving you the tools and training you need to forge a path of success and advancement in your career.

Our goal is to be profitable, but we are deeply committed to using that profit to meet the physical, spiritual, and mental needs of others. Our people are our most important resource, and we believe all individuals are worthy of dignitiy and respect.

If you are a top performer and are looking for more than “just a job” explore the opportunities we have to offer.