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Game Goes On Thanks to Barnhart

To kick off the upcoming football season, we share this Barnhart classic video** that captures the thrill of victory.

In the middle of a successful University of Texas football season, Barnhart was tasked with delivering and setting power generation components including a behemoth 60-ton generator, 100-ton condenser and 140-ton turbine at the H.C. Weaver Power Plant leading directly to Longhorn Stadium.

The challenges were many. The area was tight. The entire campus was built on a system of underground tunnels so placing large loads needed a sound game plan.  None of the trees or features could be disturbed. Furthermore, the components were arriving in the middle of a busy football season, so the campus had to have stadium access roads clear to allow for throngs of fans.

Whoa Nellie!

See how Barnhart completed this near-epic undertaking using their modular lift tower without placing the campus or season in jeopardy.

**Like most “classics”, this 10-year old video reflects the technology at that time. But Barnhart’s planning and execution of the job is timeless.