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Heavy Load Turns Heads in Tulsa

Last week, Barnhart’s heavy haul of a massive piece of equipment drew onlookers along the route in Oklahoma.

The 317,000 lbs. unit, known as a coker bubble tower, started at a fabricator in Sand Springs. Barnhart loaded it onto two 6+6 lines of Eastrac trailers, bringing the total weight of the load to 660,000 lbs. It was destined for the Port of Catoosa in Tulsa, 25 miles away.

Photo credit: News on 6

The tower, which was a little over 170’ long, had to be maneuvered down narrow two lane roads, moving at an average speed of 15 mph. The back trailer was steered by a crewman and the load was pulled and pushed by two Western Star Prime Movers.

The load was also accompanied by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and utility crews who helped move power lines and streets signs. The convoy was captured by News on 6 in Tulsa and other news outlets as it navigated the route.

The tower was successfully offloaded at the Port of Catoosa onto a barge headed for a refinery in Ohio. Once it reaches the site, two industrial cranes will be required to position and install it.