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Hand injuries are all too common in an industrial setting.  In this video, Barnhart Safety Trainer Daniel Voss has some suggestions to keep your hands safe on the job.  After all, safety is one of Barnhart’s core values.

Here are a few tips.

Take a proactive approach to reduce risks simply by thinking ahead. Identifying hazards can help prevent accidents from happening.

To avoid knife injuries do not use excessive force, or use the knife as a tool when there is another one designed for the task. For example, don’t use the tip of a knife as a screwdriver.

Wear gloves. This can be the difference between needing a bandaid and a few stitches or worse.

When using a tag line, don’t wrap it around your hand or wrist. Grip it in the palm of your hand.

Pinch points injuries can happen any time material, equipment and loads are being moved. When landing and guiding a load, care should be given to the placement of your hands. During assembly and disassembly of equipment complacency often sets in, so stay alert. It only takes a second to get your hands in a pinch point that can affect you for life.

Watch more tips for preventing hand injuries.