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How to Slightly Improve in 2022

Does the idea of making and keeping New Year’s resolutions seem too overwhelming or doomed to failure?  Here’s a sample of some simple suggestions from The Guardian’s “100 Ways to Slightly Improve Your Life Without Really Trying” article to inspire you.

  1. Exercise on a Monday night (nothing fun happens on a Monday night).
  2. On the fence about a purchase? Wait 72 hours before you buy it.
  3. Always bring ice to house parties (there’s never enough)
  4. Feeling sluggish at work? Try the Pomodoro technique: 25 minutes on, five-minute break, and repeat.
  5. Keep your children’s drawings and paintings. Put the best ones in frames.
  6. If possible, take the stairs.
  7. Be polite to rude strangers – it’s oddly thrilling.
  8. Connect with nature: stand outside barefoot for a few minutes – even when it’s cold.
  9. Join your local library – and use it.
  10. Go for a walk without your phone.
  1. Eat salted butter. (Life’s too short for unsalted)
  2. Send postcards from the holidays. Send them even if you’re not on holiday.
  3. If you find an item of clothing you love and are certain you will wear for ever, buy three.
  4. Take out your headphones when walking – listen to the world.
  5.  Learn how to floss properly.
  6. Say hello to your neighbors.
  7. Always bring something – wine, flowers – to a dinner/birthday party, even if they say not to.
  8. Call an old friend out of the blue.
  9. Volunteer.
  10. Sing!
  1. Think about your posture: don’t slouch, and don’t cross your legs.
  2. Hang your clothes up. Ideally on non-wire hangers (it’s better for them).
  3. Thank a teacher who changed your life.
  4. Respect your youngers.
  5. Always book an extra day off after a holiday.
  6.  If in doubt, add cheese.
  7. Do that one thing you’ve been putting off.
  8. Give compliments widely and freely.
  9. Listen to the albums you loved as a teenager
  10. For instant cheer, wear yellow.

Once you change the word “resolutions” to “slight improvements” they don’t feel quite so insurmountable, do they?  Check out the Entire 100 list.