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Improve Processes to Stay on Schedule and Critical Path

Here’s six tips to help your outages and turnarounds go more smoothly. 

1. Make up your mind – Much of outage rigging is on the critical path. The earlier the rigging contractor is chosen, the more consistent and efficient the delivery can be. In the case of specialized rigging and transport services, more preparation and planning time usually means safer, faster, and more elegant solutions.

2. Vet the Vendor – Take the time to learn as much as you can about a vendor well in advance of any outage. Choose vendors that have a proven resume, and a deep inventory of qualified personnel and equipment. Learn more about their protocols and procedures, particularly in the area of safety. Audit your contractor’s home office to learn how they think.

3.  The Right Tools Matter  – Knowing you have the right tools and equipment in the hands of the right rigging contractor can reduce hours and mitigate risk. The best contractors may have innovative tools and techniques that could be unknown to plant personnel. Failure to learn about alternatives may cost the plant time, money and safety.

4.  Get in Synch – It is critical that the schedules of the plant and contractors align perfectly. For operations involving crane and rigging contractors, hire a team that has a successful record of mobilizing teams and equipment within the schedule’s tight tolerances and performing the work, all within the critical path.

5.  Check and Double Check – Simply said – have someone check your work. A thorough review of your plan from a trusted partner will help ensure success and help you sleep better at night!

6.  Ask for Proof – Ask your crane and rigging contractor to show you their track record of adding value through innovative tools, methods and key personnel. Talk is cheap but proof is in performance.