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Laughing babies.  Frolicking kittens.  Teen singing sensations. This is YouTube’s stock in trade.  These videos attract millions of views and are forwarded to friends all over the globe for laughs and comments.

You might be surprised to know that Barnhart Crane has its own YouTube Channel.  We have videos too.

While we haven’t featured a kitten, a baby or the next Justin Bieber lately (or ever), we’re not seeking a mass audience.  We’re looking for a discerning group that appreciates the Nooter HRSG Tailing Frame, Hydraulic Gantries, and Goldhofer platform trailers, just some of the “cool tools” to which Barnhart has access.

These videos are an offshoot of how we document our procedures and processes on our projects.  Because that’s how we learn, improve and show others what we can do for them.  In fact, continuous improvement is one of our core values. We evaluate and critique all areas of our company with an eye for improvement.   And we do have one hit, at least by our standpoint.  Our Heavy haul video has received nearly 10,000 views.  To us, it’s gone viral!

While we admit that our videos won’t leave you with a warm, fuzzy, “aww” feeling, you’ll certainly get an idea of why clients have turned to us to do their heavy lifting since 1969.