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Miniature Crane Highlight of Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum of Skagit County in Burlington, Washington has long been a favorite attraction for kids. It features interactive exhibits, including a miniature tower crane, which was donated by Sicklesteel Cranes a decade ago.

When the Children’s Museum decided to relocate last year, the fate of the crane was uncertain. Sicklesteel had been purchased by Barnhart in 2015, so the museum reached out to their Mount Vernon branch to see if they would be interested in taking over the care of the crane.

“The crane has always been a highlight of the museum,” said Branch Manager Ron Bahr. “So we decided to do it.’

After a decade of wear and tear at the hands of children, the crane needed some repairs. Barnhart refurbished the mini tower crane, repainting it and rebuilding the controls and electronics to make it more durable.

When the Children’s Museum moved to its new location in March, so did the newly refurbished crane, which continues to be a draw for the kids. Standing 10’ tall with a 9’ foot long boom, the crane operates like a regular crane in that trollies in and out and the boom swings left and right. Its small cab has room for two children who can operate two control arms and practice their crane skills, lifting and lowering a load.

It’s not unusual for Barnhart to participate in community activities.  “We do a lot of volunteer hands-on events with our boom trucks and other equipment,” says Bahr. “We like to support the community in their efforts to give kids something fun and educational to do.”