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Notable Omissions from this Year’s Oscar List

The Oscar ceremony is coming up this weekend. While it claims to honor the finest work in the film industry, there’s a treasure trove of video achievement that wasn’t recognized.

Barnhart has an extensive video library of compelling content. And while it doesn’t contain blockbuster titles, we’d like to recognize some of the worthy contenders that were omitted.  

Entitled, “400 Ton Barge Crane,” this piece is noteworthy for its cinematic scope. How did this one not get a Supporting Role nomination? We were robbed.  

“In it for the Long Haul,” charts the compelling journey of an awkward overweight vessel. Yet, it failed to be recognized in the Live Action Short Film category.

For those who haven’t taken our informative webinars like “Crane Configurations in Bridge Building,” this video might be a candidate for Best Foreign Language Film.

Still, we are not bitter that our work was snubbed. In fact, we know that there is an audience out there for our useful and informative video library content. Plus, there’s always next year.