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Of Sleighs and Cranes

Every year on Christmas Eve, NORAD tracks Santa and his precious cargo offering updates as he leaves the North Pole and delivers presents to children around the world.  When not tasked with this essential duty, NORAD, a joint organization of the United States and Canada, provides aereospace warnings and defense for North America.

Knowing the location of Santa and his heavy-laden sleigh is a valuable service, particularly if your audience is an expectant nine-year-old.  But if you’re a project manager with your own heavy lifting issues, Barnhart has a locator system that provides a benefit as well.

Barnhart’s Heavy Lift Crane locator can help you find a crane that suits your job with a listing of models, availability, capacities and locations.  It’s updated constantly, so you can locate the crane nearest to your project, saving money on transport costs to your site.

With our arsenal of heavy lift cranes, Barnhart can serve almost any need.  Our equipment capabilities, combined with our experienced operators and engineering team, can provide your project with the solutions you need.

Whether you are tracking the progress of St. Nick, or contemplating a project near St. Louis, Barnhart wishes you and your family a happy holiday season!