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Barnhart Thrives under Strict Quality Control Standards and Safety Requirements in D.O.E. Condenser Demolition

Market: D.O.E.

Location: Ohio

Project Dates: 06/2010 – 10/2010

power condenser removal replacement 3

The Challenge

Under strict quality control standards issued by the Department of Energy (D.O.E.), the Barnhart crew set up to move ten 270-ton power plant condensers through a very tight space to a demolition site. Naturally, the job also called for special attention to safety.

power condenser removal replacement 2

The Solution

A Demag CC2600 heavy lift crane with super lift, a 12-line PSTe Golfhofer trailer, and in-house engineered 1000-ton pull-up gantries gave Barnhart all the tools they needed to relocate the equipment from elevated mounting pedestals to demolition area.

The Description

A contractor awarded Barnhart the job at a D.O.E. decommissioning project in Ohio, but this work necessitated stringent D.O.E. quality control and safety requirements.

power condenser removal replacement 1

To remove the ten 270-ton condensers, Barnhart first used a 600-ton class heavy lift crane to remove the condensers, many of which stood over a bank of transformers scheduled for demolition at a later date, and then navigated the cranes with the cargo along a specified path running parallel to the installed condensers.

Next, the team transported the power equipment by means of the 12-line Goldhofer trailer to the demolition site, after which the crew staged the condensers with Barnhart-engineered, 1000-ton pull-up gantries.

Major Equipment Used

  • A Demag CC2600 Heavy Lift Crane (600-ton Class)
  • 12-Line PSTe Goldhofer
  • In-house Designed 1000-Ton Pull-Up Gantries