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Yesterday was election day, but since it was an off-year, there were few races across the country.  Therefore, those few in New Jersey, Virginia, Alabama and New York City garnered plenty of attention.

Elections underscore our freedom of choice.  We have a right to choose our candidate. It’s a freedom of choice our customers have as well. They don’t have to choose us.  Like politicians, we constantly have to prove we’re worthy of their vote (or business).  We have to earn it.

Barnhart recently completed a project to lift and rough set four vessels of varying weights and sizes at a Texas petrochemical complex. The smallest vessel weighed 150,000 pounds and the largest was 1.7 million pounds. The vessel heights ranged from 92 feet up to 219 feet.

Barnhart had fabricated special rigging for the project.  The rigging process from idea to design, fabrication to assembly, and testing to shipping to the job site was all accomplished in 30 days. On site, the new rigging was used for all the lifts.

The team assembled the LR-11350 Crawler Crane in 400 man-hours in one week – record time since assembly normally requires three weeks, and then used the 1500-ton capacity crane to make all the picks.

Barnhart’s Modular Tailing Tower was used to tail the largest vessel and move it from a horizontal position to a vertical position; the LR-11350 then moved the vessel 82 feet.  The crew tailed the other three vessels with the 400-ton Sany CC4000 Crawler Crane.

This is the kind of work we do.  Work that requires quick turnarounds and innovative solutions.  Innovative solutions that come from a team that includes over 50 full time engineers to tackle the most demanding rigging and transportation challenges.

When it comes to your rigging company, you’ve got a choice.  That’s the beauty of business and our electoral system. You can choose a candidate based on their experience, innovative thinking and delivering on their promises.  In the meantime, here’s some of our refinery work in action on our YouTube channel.