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Next week, people across the United States will be celebrating July 4th with fireworks, festivities and backyard barbecues galore. For most people, it’s a day off from work to celebrate America’s 241st birthday.

It’s also a chance to reflect upon what’s great about America. Among the many gifts our country gives us, we are grateful for opportunity, freedom, and the ability to succeed through hard work.

our branches
Our branches (red dots) from sea to shining sea.

Barnhart is a proudly American company. We were founded in 1969 in Memphis with a single location – a kitchen table. In the beginning, our current president Alan Barnhart’s parents started and ran the family business from their home.

Today, Barnhart has 45 branches and 1300 employees. Our employees come from all regions of the country. They are engineers, project managers, salespeople, crane operators, mechanics, ironworkers, and truck drivers, just to name a few roles that are indispensible to the success of our company.

Our employees represent all political persuasions, cultures and ethnicities. It’s a melting pot that works together to get the job done for our customers. It’s a picture of America.

This 4th of July we salute our employees and the country that has given us so much.