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A component is buried deep inside a plant. Perhaps it was an original piece of equipment when the plant was built and the site grew up around it. Regardless, over the years it became inaccessible. And now it needs to be replaced.

This component may be blocked by overhead obstructions or is in close proximity to work that can’t be disrupted. Managers considering removal and replacement will face major site modifications, removal of those obstructions and a shutdown of operations while the work is being performed.

The Mega Moccs (Moveable Counterweight Cantilever System) also known as The Mega, is an innovative solution using an engineered cantilever system designed for reaching components in hard-to-reach places. Using the system, these components can be removed without site modifications or the disruption that goes with it.

A Safer Alternative

The Mega uses beams and counterweights that can be adjusted to variable lengths and multiple rigging configurations. The counterweight adjusts remotely to balance the load. Its max capacity is 200,000 lbs @ 11 ft.  and 55,000 lbs @ 45 feet.  It can navigate ultra-low headroom situations.

The structure and overhead obstructions remain intact. The amount of labor needed to complete work is reduced and the project schedule is often cut by multiple shifts. Work continues.

The Mega came in handy for a job at a papermill in Tennessee to remove and replace an approximately 20’ long Compax Machine from the second floor of an enclosed structure on the site. There was approximately 2.5’ of clearance between the top of the vessel and overhead obstructions.   

The decision to use the Mega Moccs reduced the time to install the component while also mitigating a significant safety risk. The alternative would have been bull rigging from a crane hand off from outside of the structure.

Watch this animation to see the features of the Mega Moccs.