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One of the downsides of holiday travel –  in addition to crowded airports, long lines, snow delays, crying children and generally grouchy people – is that even once you’re on the plane, you’re not done. After you dodge getting whacked in the head by an overhead bag, you still have to watch the mandatory in-flight safety video.

Does anyone pay attention to these messages?  After all, don’t we all know about the yellow oxygen masks that automatically appear, the designated exit rows, and the flotation devices under your seat?  Or do we?

To fight this tendency of passengers to drift off as soon as the doors are closed, Delta Airlines has been coming up with creative videos to make their safety message more entertaining.

This year’s holiday in-flight safety video is an all-out effort to keep passengers engaged, crammed with sight gags and cameos from Scrooge, the Nutcracker and…. well, we won’t spoil it for you.  Watch it yourself and see if you don’t smile.

Delta says the holiday-themed video will be shown on more than 160 of its aircraft into early January.

Barnhart Crane appreciates the effort Delta took to make their passengers conscious of safety.  After all, safety is one of our values.   “We invest all resources necessary to ensure the safety and protection of our people, property and environment of our company, customers, vendors and general public.”

Perhaps this is not quite as entertaining a safety presentation as Delta’s video, but the underlying message is the same.

So this holiday season, be safe.  Smile.  Delight in your family and friends.  And don’t forget the true meaning of the season.  Happy holidays!