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Seeking the Good in a Difficult Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, which is observed around the world. It commemorates Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, his passion, crucifixion, and death. 

Right now, all of us are making sacrifices due to the coronavirus with social distancing and stay-at-home orders.  We’re unable to see our loved ones or take part in traditional observances.

Then there are those who are risking the most important thing – their lives – to take care of us. The first responders, our EMTs, policeman, firemen and medical personnel are on the front lines of this pandemic.  There are also those essential workers who are keeping our lives running: utility, garbage and city workers, those who deliver food, fill our prescriptions and check us out at the grocery store.  

Many jobs have also been sacrificed and savings lost.

All may seem a little bleak now. Perhaps for all of us – even non-believers, this Good Friday is keenly felt. For Christians, Good Friday is a time of sorrow and mourning and reflection.  And aren’t we all feeling that right now? Mourning the loss of our normal lives and routines. Forced into a period of reflection brought on by lives that have shed their everyday anchors, feeling fearful and uncertain…for now.

Just two days from now is the promise of Easter, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Though things may feel bleak and uncertain now, this crisis will eventually be behind us. There are better days ahead. And the promise of Easter awaits.