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Tanker Haul Wins SC&RA Job of the Year

Barnhart recently took home a Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) Hauling Job of the Year award for a project that involved three 644,000-pound vessels, three states, 7,667 man-hours and two months.

The three 117′ long tanks started at the manufacturer in Idaho. They had to be hauled to two different natural gas facilities in Colorado where they would be set at the sites. Transportation permits had to be secured for the oversized load from several states, plus arranging pilot vehicles and bucket trucks.

The load was carried on a bolstered 22-line WesTrac dual-lane transporter, which is designed to handle extremely heavy loads and to meet DOT requirements for highways in the western United States. Winter conditions and local regulations further complicated the project.

Barnhart had to come up with different options to deal with bridge crossing restrictions, including crabbing over one bridge. The trailer was configured in such a way that the front and rear trailer could split, so the load could be distributed over different lanes.

At the site, the tanks were offloaded to elevated pedestals. To handle ground bearing requirements, the team built a temporary runway that allowed the trailer to come alongside the pedestals. Barnhart’s 500-ton one shot gantries were used to pick and set the tanks.

The SC&RA awards are given to companies for projects that demonstrate exceptional organization, skill and commitment to safety.