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Ten Rules for Crane Operators

Barnhart has hundreds of employees across the United States who perform thousands of projects a year safely and successfully. We empower all our employees to be actively engaged in safety and offer plenty of training and guidance.

Here are a few rules for crane operators we’d like to share.    

  1.  Always work safe.
  2.  Always follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions.
  3.  Always familiarize yourself with your equipment.
  4.  Always refer to the crane capacity charts.
  5.  Always ensure lifts are properly rigged.
  6.  Never operate under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  7.  Never leave crane unsecured.
  8.  Never operate in the blind without the assistance of a signal person.
  9.  Never allow anyone to ride the load or ball.
  10. Never side load a crane.

In any situation, safety always comes first. Your safety, along with your colleagues, customers, vendors and the general public are paramount.