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Barnhart started in 1969 with one branch and a handful of loyal customers. Today, there are more than 50 branches across the United States and the customer list has grown accordingly. That’s in part because of attention to customer service and living by some ironclad rules.

Ten Rules of Customer Service

  1. Always provide service safely.
  2.  Always observe the customer’s safety rules and regulations.
  3.  Always be on time.
  4.  Always be courteous.
  5.  Always work overtime when it is requested by the customer.
  6.  Never neglect safety procedures in an attempt to please the customer.
  7.  Never damage equipment in an attempt to please the customer.
  8.  Never dress or act unprofessionally.
  9.  Never refer to the company or its employees in a negative light.
  10. Never forget, it is the customer who pays you.

Many of these rules apply to all companies, whether you’re a small business, a one-person operation or a sizable crane and rigging company. It all boils down to treating the customer with respect and sticking to established procedures.  

When in doubt, remember the 10th rule.