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Ten Safety Rules for Riggers

Riggers perform an essential function on any heavy lift and heavy haul project and in the daily function of many industries. Performing with excellence and managing the risks of work go hand-in-hand, plus abiding by standard rules and safety practices.  

With that in mind, here’s a few tips:

  1. Always determine the weight of the lift.
  2. Always consider the center of gravity of the load.
  3. Always check the capacity of the rigging to be used.
  4. Always consider sling angles and make allowances.
  5. Always consider the surface area of the load and wind conditions.
  6. Never kink, crush or cut slings by improper application.
  7. Never side load shackles, lifting eyes or lugs.
  8. Never use a spreader bar as a lifting beam.
  9. Never leave rigging on a job site.
  10. Never lift an unstable load.
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Remember, safety comes first.  Not only your own, but that of your colleagues, customers and the general public. So be careful out there.