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The topic of stability is one that we rarely consider or discuss, but it is a reality that affects us every second of every day. If a lamp or a box fan falls over the consequences may be minimal.  More than likely we would just stand it back and make some intuitive adjustments to solve the problem.  However, the consequences of a heavy load falling over in a nuclear environment are obviously more severe and require more attention than just an instinctive feeling.

Join Barnhart Crane for a webinar that will turn those gut feelings into practical knowledge.

How to Determine Stability for Rigging, Heavy Haul, & Construction Activities
August 2, 2012
11 AM CT
Instructor:  Kevin Reynolds, Engineering Research and Development Manager, Barnhart Crane

The webinar will explore the overall concept of stability and how it relates to the areas of rigging, heavy haul & construction. Through the discussion of practical examples, participants will develop an understanding of stability limits for various systems.  While the webinar will investigate the stability of equipment commonly used at nuclear power plants such as spreader bars, cranes, gantries, and mobile equipment, the principles discussed will apply to any setting.

The first 25 to register (and attend) get a copy of Malcolm Gladwell’s classic book, The Tipping Point.

Certification of Completion available for all registered attendees.

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