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Barnhart Uses Tri-Block System to Move Boiler Headers at Tennessee Plant

Market: Power

Location: Tennessee

Project Dates: 06/2008 – 11/2008

The Challenge

Barnhart was tasked to move and replace massive boiler headers through a confined space at a coal-fired power plant.

The Solution

Using the innovative “Tri-Block” rigging system, the team more easily and efficiently moved and replaced the headers.

The Description

A customer contracted Barnhart to replace two boiler headers in a coal-fired power plant. The headers measured 62 feet in length and weighed a cumbersome 52,000 pounds.

Normally when riggers extract headers of this size, they employ to separate cranes. However, Barnhart employed its innovative “Tri-Block” system which only calls for one crane, as this systems allows for more stability and efficient rigging.

Along with the Tri-Block system, the team only used a 4,100-ring crane to remove the header from the boiler house. The crews then moved the new headers into the plant.

To move the headers to and from the target-position, Barnhart rigged a trolley system in order to easily pass the headers back and forth. The trolley system helped Barnhart lift the 52,000-pound headers over 300 feet.

Ultimately, the team completed the job ahead of schedule with no incidents.

Major Equipment Used

  • 4,100-Ring Crane
  • Tri-Block System
  • Trolley System