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On Memorial Day, we will remember those in the armed forces who gave their lives for our country. We are grateful to them and to our military veterans for their service and sacrifice.

Veterans are part of the Barnhart team. They’ve found the culture and values of military life in many ways reflect what we’ve built within our company.

Take Sabrina who was a member of the U.S. Army. When she got out of the service she admits to being a little lost. Not content with flipping burgers, she was looking for a job with a purpose. At Barnhart she found her mission in logistics, a position she considers not your “typical 9 to 5 job.”

Barnhart’s approach to training and development was familiar. In the army, she had received extensive training, hands-on learning and developed leadership skills, all core components of the culture at Barnhart.

For Jim, a former Navy officer and current Barnhart engineer, the most important lesson he took away from the military service was how to be a servant leader, one who helps his troops do their jobs better. As a servant leader, he says, “We serve. We teach. We help our team be safe.”

Safety, service and continuous improvement are three of Barnhart’s company values. We are constantly training our teams, helping them develop new skills. Whether it’s an apprentice, a project manager or a crane operator, every member has an important role and is reliant on others to successfully complete the project.

“A military veteran is trained in the field to complete any tasks to the best of your ability,” Sabrina says. “…You’re trained to never give up and to give it your all.”

We admire that spirit and invite all veterans to consider Barnhart as your next post.