A Fleet Of Unique Transport Capabilities Enhanced By Unrivaled Infrastructure.

As project cargoes get bigger and heavier, inland waterways can provide a solution to the limitations that road and rail can have. Barnhart brings a new level of capability when it comes to barge transport of heavy equipment. Our extensive fleet of hopper and deck barges is enhanced by the "River Train," which facilitates the movement of project cargoes, weighing 150 tons and more, along any of the navigable U.S. river systems.

Barnhart can transport project cargoes from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System. Not only can we provide efficient, cost-effective transport, but our extensive network of facilities along many US rivers, on the Gulf Coast, in Houston and in Chicago, enables us to provide you with the breadth of our services. By handling the project cargo at the destination using our own lifting and transport equipment – including onsite RO-RO operations – we can further enhance cost efficiency and speed of delivery.

The Barnhart Advantage

Better Access

Barnhart has its own fleet of deck barges that were designed and engineered to meet the unique challenges of moving Project Cargo along the inland waterways, enhancing safety, security, and your peace-of-mind.

You Say How Fast

Our River Train service gives you delivery options depending upon how fast you need it there – standard delivery, express or premium.

Gulf Coast to Great Lakes Express

Barnhart's unique capabilities give you an innovative time and cost saving solution for getting over-dimensional cargo from the Gulf to the Great Lakes...and beyond.

Direct Access to Heavy Lift Terminals

Barnhart can lower the over-all cost of your project by providing direct access to our Heavy Lift Terminals on the Gulf Coast, including Houston, Mississippi River and the Great Lakes.

We're Always On Your Way

Barnhart's extensive infrastructure across the U.S. – many located near the inland waterway system – allows you to benefit from the breadth of our services, including our fleet of cranes, over-the-road transport systems, along with our knowledge of barge and tug providers.