Innovative Rigging

Innovative Rigging

With Specialized Equipment And Unique, Below-the-hook Rigging Tools, We're Up To Any Challenge.

We can cut your critical path with innovation. The removal and replacement of heavy plant equipment often involves complicated and time-sensitive challenges, especially during outages and turnarounds. Barnhart's world-class innovation, engineering and technology gives you customized solutions to minimize downtown and keep your plant operational.

Barnhart has one of the nation's largest inventories of equipment for alternative lifting and engineered rigging. Our wide range of options – Modular Lift Towers (MLT), tip sticks, skid systems, pull-up gantries, cantilever systems, hydraulic turntables, strand jacks, powered saddle rollers, sliding gantry, self tailing, and hydraulic gantries, combined with our unique, below-the-hook rigging tools, allow our engineers to design innovative solutions to difficult lifting challenges. These specialized lifting solutions offer a competitive alternative to traditional cranes, often providing lower site congestion and mobilization costs.

The Barnhart Advantage

Lower Mobilization Costs

Our branch network allows us to station cranes across the U.S. This decentralized approached could lead to significant reductions in the cost to mobilize a large crane for your project.

Obstacles Are No Obstacle

Our alternative lifting and rigging tools minimize job site congestion to make it easier to move plant equipment in, out, up, and around congested plant equipment - without modifying or removing existing structures.

Built-in Safety

All of Barnhart's "cool tools" are designed by us with the optimum safety standards in mind. Efficiency and speed are useless attributes without safety.

Engineered for Innovation

Because most of our specialized rigging tools were designed and fabricated by our in-house engineering team, no one knows them like we do. Each tool is custom designed to solve the unique challenges faced by our customers.