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Absorption Column Haul and Set

Barnhart was hired to rotate, load and transport a 330,000-pound absorption column from a barge terminal in Knoxville, Tennessee to a chemical plant in Greenville, Tennessee.

The column then had to be offloaded, upended to a vertical position and set on a foundation. The team rotated the tank prior to loading to maintain minimum travel height. Barnhart's 12-line Eastrac Transporter with Prime Mover was utilized to complete the 60-mile heavy haul. Upon arriving on-site, Barnhart's rigging team used a CC1800 as the erection crane and tailed the column to a vertical position with two legs of gantry. Powered tank rollers were also used. Barnhart's project equipment group, Memphis and Knoxville branch worked together on scheduling and assuring equipment availability and utilized local labor as much as possible.

The project manager's strategies for minimizing overall project costs included managing the route surveys and all third-party civil improvements and line raises, sharing mobilization with other projects at the same site, optimizing trucking sequence on deliveries and utilizing route information from previous heavy hauls in the area. As a result, the project was completed safely, profitably and on schedule.