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Ammonia Tank Offload and Set

Barnhart was initially hired to offload, rotate and store four ammonia tanks on four mobilizations at a nitrogen plant in Tennessee. Each tank was 131' long and weighed 265,000 pounds. The customer later added the task of moving each tank into position and setting them to our scope of services. Our crew offloaded the tanks with the 250-ton Pull-Up Gantry. The rotating was accomplished with Barnhart's Powered Tank Rollers.

Finally, each tank was set onto the foundations with the appropriate cranes. We optimized value by negotiating pricing on third-party equipment rental, analyzing feasibility of different lift methods, using local labor and equipment as much as possible, mobilizing on day of lifts to minimize living expenses and using local branch trucking where feasible.

Our project manager communicated and coordinated with the customer to assure a successful project for all involved. The project was completed with no safety issues.