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Temporary Trunnion Urea Reactor Lift Job

Barnhart was contracted to remove a 270,000 lb. urea reactor from an existing structure at a chemical plant for refurbishment.

The team planned to use temporary trunnions, but the customer did not want Barnhart to weld a tail lug to the bottom of the reactor.

There was concern that welding the tail lug would damage the integrity of the reactor. Our engineers designed and fabricated a tail beam that was bolted to the bottom of the reactor frame so no welding had to be done to the reactor itself.

The team used the Demag CC2000 with Superlift to remove the reactor and tailed the vessel with a Grove GMK 5275. Then we transported the reactor on a 10-line PST Goldhofer to the laydown yard where we offloaded and staged it on powered rollers for refurbishment. After the customer refurbished the reactor, we transported it back to the structure and set it.