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Kiln Replacement

Barnhart worked on an upgrade and expansion project at a 50-year old plant to remove outdated equipment and install upgrades to meet a critical path schedule. The scope of work was to lift and place an 80,000 lb. kiln in one piece through a second story access opening. Ongoing work at the distribution space beneath the swing area of the crane could not be interrupted by more than one day. The work had to be completed quickly.

There were also floor-loading concerns about placing the kiln in the plant. Our team used the Liebherr 600-ton All Terrain Crane with Barnhart's Quad-Block that allowed the piece to "float" into the building without having to use another crane hook.

The kiln was placed at a 110' radius on Barnhart's 500-ton Slide System and hydraulic pushers guided the kiln another 53' to its final position. Barnhart assembled all the equipment and installed the kiln in just four days which allowed the customer to gain one week on their schedule. Barnhart's ability to install the kiln in a single piece saved the customer weeks of work