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Bridge Installation

Barnhart was hired to provide its Mini MOCCS for the installation of prefabricated bridge sections to create a pedestrian sidewalk under the Link Bridge in Chicago. The MOCCS was set up and suspended from a crane that was set up on the upper level of the bridge. Traffic was diverted to allow for the operation.

The prefabricated bridge sections were removed from a waiting truck. Barnhart’s operator controlled the MOCCS remotely. The counterweight system on the MOCCS moved along the beam to balance the load.

Barnhart’s MOCCS operator worked in conjunction with the project superintendent and crane operator to position the girders in place. The steel will be part of a hinged side walk that will become a new pedestrian and bicycle pathway connecting the Lake Front Trail over the Chicago River.

The project involved several parties and planning went smoothly. It was the first time that any of Barnhart’s cantilever systems were used in the city limits of Chicago.