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Bridge Replacement

Barnhart was hired to replace six total bridge sections on I-95 in Warwick, Rhode Island. There were three northbound sections and three southbound sections, which each weighed over 500 tons. The team mobilized equipment, including two 16-line PSTe series trailers, 5’ “Marino Girders”, (2) 40’ long and (2) 100’ long girders along with assorted wood crane mats and cribbing.

Each phase of the project was accomplished during an extended closure separated by a 10-day period. Still, the crew had to deal with heavy traffic.

The challenges of the project included an accelerated schedule, bridge weights in excess of one million pounds, tight working quarters, offset CG’s on the sections, and tight tolerances.

Working two shifts, the northbound bridges were installed in three days and the southbound in four days.