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Transformer Transport

An electric company in Arkansas approached Barnhart about receiving an 111,000-pound transformer from a third party and hauling it to a new substation. The team’s first challenge was a short window of time to complete the project because the third party truck could not make it the site.

The elevation changed drastically on the haul route so the crew had to ensure that levels of the load could be maintained throughout the haul. The changes in elevation made for a challenging job for regular over-the-road trailers, so Barnhart utilized a shorter Goldhofer option.

Barnhart used a 6-Line PST single-wide Goldhofer with a power pack. Height was an issue as the cargo was 18’ overall with the transformer and Goldhofer. Barnhart had to work with local utility companies to to raise and lower the impacted lines.

The unit was hauled 1.2 miles to the new substation, offloaded, and set. Barnhart utilized a Link Belt ATC 3275 crane to offload the transformer from the Goldhofer trailer for final placement. The job was completed in a safe and timely manner. Coordination with local city authorities and electric company employees allowed for the successful completion of the job.