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Chiller Installation

Barnhart was hired to install a 15,679 lb. chiller through the top of an 11-story building. One challenge was that the team had to use a public street to get the proper setup for the crane. That required blocking off several blocks in downtown Little Rock to reduce traffic.

Barnhart used a 275-ton crane to lift the chiller to the top of the building where there was a roof hatch. But preplanning had determined that the chiller was larger than the opening on the roof.

Barnhart's engineering team helped create a rigging system using a swing away jib that allowed the team to invert the piece so it could go vertically through the hatch. Then they used two 10 ton chain falls to level the piece out and set it into place with air skates and a motorized pallet jack. This innovative approach provided the customer a unique and cost-effective solution.