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Snubbing Unit Installation

A Louisiana oil and gas production unit contracted with Barnhart to install a new snubbing unit with new piping and blowout preventers (BOPs). The team assembled a 90-ton crane, which was used to fly piping and smaller valves.

A 500-ton crane was also used to fly the heavier BOP's and a man basket for the entirety of the job. The project experienced delays early on because of improper sizing on the BOPs and trouble with the hole for the piping. This job was scheduled for two weeks and actually went almost two months with the crew working seven days a week for 12-14 hour shifts.

The man basket was in constant use, flying the customer's snubbing crew. Another situation arose during the third week delayed the process further, but Barnhart rose to the challenge. After numerous delays, all piping and BOP's were set, making for a successful snubbing project and a satisfied customer.