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Components Haul, Roll On and Barge

Sometimes a project involves many stages as in this project to haul, roll on and barge contaminated scrap turbine components from a nuclear site in Michigan. Barnhart selfloaded the components from staging on site onto a Goldhofer PSTe trailer. The components were hauled 14 miles on state and county roads to a port in St. Joseph, Michigan. The haul involved multiple municipalities and utility companies.

At the port, the components were offloaded to staging with pull-up gantries. The components required a protective bag, which made securing and lifting them a challenge. They were then transloaded to wider staging beams for the transition to the barge deck.

Barnhart rolled the components and secured them onto the barge. The crew faced a tight schedule due to the barge's arrival and departure date, but still were able to complete the roll-on scope three days ahead of schedule.

During the trip, Barnhart had to ballast under the Lemont Bridge, which spans the canal connecting Lake Michigan to the Illinois River. The bridge has a clearance of 19 feet between the water's surface and the bottom of the bridge; The cargo was successfully delivered to Oak Ridge, Tenn. where it was offloaded by Barnhart's Knoxville branch.