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Gas Turbine Generator Installation

Problem: Structural integrity issues and small clearance of the opening made this job a challenge.

Solution: Custom Barnhart rigging and heavy engineering involvement provided for a smooth installation.


Barnhart was contracted to provide rigging solutions to place equipment on the second story of a co-generation plant in Connecticut. There were numerous challenges involved in the project not the least of which was the structural integrity of the building and floor system. The floor had been reinforced for the final location of the equipment and a rigging platform installed to place equipment into the building.

The rigging platform, however, did not have the capacity for the two turbine skids. New openings in the exterior face of the building were proposed and the 121,000 lb. turbine skid pieces were set through the openings with a 300-ton hydraulic crane and tri-block rigging. The opening allowed for six inches of clearance on the top, bottom & sides.

The piece was set atop low-profile skates positioned at the location of floor beams below and rigged into final position. In addition to the challenges posed by the building itself, the site had its own challenges. Two openings needed to be cut into existing jersey barrier to allow 100% outrigger extension and swing limits were imposed because of equipment at the face of the building. With custom Barnhart rigging equipment, heavy involvement from engineering, the skills and talent of the Barnhart team, and good communication, the project was completed safely and the customer was satisfied.