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Generator Heavy Haul

Problem: A tight schedule, permits, and a difficult route made this a challenging haul.

Solution: Barnhart quickly secured the needed permits and made necessary changes to the route to ensure a timely delivery.

Barnhart was called in at the 11th hour to transport three combustion turbines and three combustion generators for a job in Tennessee. Barnhart originally lost the contract to a competitor who was unable to secure proper permits. Barnhart secured permits within 24 hours and was awarded the contract at the original bid value. Our original schedule called for delivery every ten days. However, we compressed the schedule to one delivery every seven days over a 74-mile haul route. This haul route in rural east Tennessee had a few challenges.

Barnhart traveled through two cities at night and had to shore up a bridge over a railroad. On one section, the team had to demolish a do-it-yourself carwash in order to negotiate the turn onto the narrowest road we've ever taken the dolly transporter. Finally, the last bit of road to the jobsite was a five percent downhill grade, winding road that was 19' wide (the dolly transporter was 17'10"). In order to traverse all of these obstacles, Barnhart undertook extensive route preparation work.

Shoring the bridges, widening turns and removing carwashes took a few months to plan and execute. Much attention was paid to the narrow travel path and downhill grades, all of which were discussed in pre-job mobilization meetings, operation meetings and daily job hazard analysis. The result of this planning was a successful and profitable job. The hard work and dedication of the crew were instrumental in overcoming the aggressive schedule safely and ahead of the original deadline.