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Precipitator Move

Problem: Move two large, pre-constructed, elevated electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) from an assembly area to install point while avoiding plant components.

Solution: Barnhart assembled a custom configuration of its Modular Lift Tower with 650-ton strand jacks and 850-ton strand jacks to lift 1,100 ton and 1,500 ton units. PSTe Goldhofer units were used for haul.

The ESPs were constructed on top of Barnhart's shoring girders, approximately 1/4 mile away from their installation point. This prevented not only permitting issues but also interruptions within the plant for the customer. The first ESP was lifted to an elevation of 25 feet and then lowered a few inches to rest on stands connected to 88 lines of PSTe Goldhofer trailer. Once secure on the trailers, Barnhart hauled the first precipitator approximately 1/4 mile, while still almost 25 feet in the air.

The four million pound transport meandered through some sharp turns to avoid existing vital plant components. To save time, all the permanent foundation columns were installed and grouted by another vendor prior to the move. However, when the client discovered there were some errors in the installation of their support columns, they asked our team help make corrections.

By bringing the expertise of Barnhart's senior engineer to the site; combined with some special zoning of the Goldhofer trailers, far more connections were made than what was originally thought possible. The entire process was repeated for the second precipitator. Barnhart completed the project on time, without any incidents.