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Heat Exchanger Remove and Replace

Barnhart was contracted to assist in removing and replacing two heat exchangers. The 14,750 lb. exchangers had to be maneuvered in a tight space with multiple piping obstructions very close to the travel path. The engineering challenge was to design a system that allowed for maximum flexibility, yet could be constructed using no overhead rigging.

Every 1/16" mattered when it came to doing field measurements, so the customer also performed a laser scan of the space. After creating a very accurate model, the Barnhart team designed a system using pull up jacks and saddle rollers to remove the old exchangers.

The pull-up jacks underneath the slide beams allowed Barnhart to change the height as required to get under pipes and over foundations and to tilt if needed.

Barnhart had to roll the exchangers at multiple locations along the travel path to avoid the valves running into the piping and the saddles running into the foundations and anchor bolts. Custom-designed Hillman saddle rollers allowed the crew to rotate the vessel. After the old exchangers were removed, the new ones were brought in using the same method.