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Generator and Transformer Transport

Barnhart received four generators and one transformer from ship's hook at the port of San Diego. They were loaded to a Goldhofer with 10-lines of PSTe and transported to a staging area within the port where they were offloaded onto beams and stands.

Barnhart loaded the generators on the GS-800 for the 20-mile long trip to the power substation. The haul route went through city and county streets, requiring permitting from multiple agencies. The weight of the transformer required the use of belly dollies on the GS-800. This increased the overall height during transport and required bucket trucks to accompany the move.

Even though it was only a 20-mile trek, it took a full night for the haul. In addition to bucket trucks, the trip also required private escorts, inspectors, traffic control and California Highway Patrol escorts.

The components were offloaded to a Goldhofer trailer with 16-lines PSTe for entrance to the jobsite. The crew faced tight turns and a steep downgrade that had to be negotiated. Once onsite, there was limited space for transloading and maneuvering the equipment. But Barnhart was able to set all the components and complete the project.