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Cold Box Haul and Set

Barnhart hauled two of three cold boxes to a chemical facility in New York. The boxes varied in length and weight, ranging from 40' long to 180' long and 34,000 lb. to 503,000 lb. About a month later, Barnhart mobilized cranes to the site to set the three cold boxes. There was no storage area available onsite, so every piece of the crane had to be delivered just in time, a logistics feat considering the crane delivery consisted of over 70 truckloads

The boxes had to be staged in precise locations or the crane lifts wouldn't work. Too close to the foundations and the team would have faced clearance issues with surrounding objects. Too far and the crane wouldn't have had the capacity to make the lifts. Barnhart utilized a LR1600 with superlift as the head crane with the LR1400 acting as the tail crane to upend and set the boxes.

The job site was extremely tight and congested, which made lift planning and logistics essential. The crane also had to be optimized to minimize superlift changes in order to lift both the 503,000 lb. box and the 34,000 lb. box with the same crane.

Barnhart used "mud boats" under the crane to act as load spreaders to extend the effective length of the crawlers. Through this method, the team was able to get the ground bearing pressures under the 660-ton crawler crane to 2,500 psf, a low pressure for a crane of this size.