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HVAC Unit Replacement

Barnhart was hired to replace two HVAC units at a high school in State Center, Iowa. The five-piece units were trucked in and placed on the grass beside the school.

The team used a 100-ton Link Belt crane with the Mini Movable Counterweight Cantilever System (MOCCS) to lift each unit from the ground and put into position.

The crane operator was operating in the blind and was directed by a team member on the roof on a walkie-talkie. The units had to be placed in a mechanical shed atop the building.

A part of the school roof had to be removed in order for the unit to fit. The Mini MOCCS beam and unit cleared the opening with six inches to spare. Once inside, the units had to be lowered and set on concrete pads, which were a foot below the existing roof line. The job was completed in less than one day.