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Surge Tank Riser Repair

Barnhart was hired to provide support for a surge tank riser during an outage at a hydroelectric plant in West Virginia. The site was at the end of a narrow and winding access road up a mountain with little room for assembly and trucks.

The team engineered a new tower system using Canton Lift Towers.

The pieces of the tower were lifted and set using a 250-ton all-terrain crane, which was set upon a small crane pad.

Two towers were constructed. Nodes were fabricated at the top of the towers to support two 72-foot beams and four adjustable rigging link setups.

Rigging was connected at the top of the riser, and pull-up jacks were held tight to reinforce the riser while repairs were made to the deteriorating riser sections below. Barnhart provided crane support for the duration of the outage.