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Main Blower Remove and Replace

Space constraints were an issue for this project at a refinery in Oklahoma to remove and replace a main blower from the fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) unit. There was limited area for a crane setup, eliminating the ability to use the moveable counterweight system. Barnhart also had to account for an offset center of gravity of the blower.

The team used a 120-ton hydraulic crane to lift the blower from the 500-ton heavy slide track system, which was set 9' above the ground, to slide it out. There was very little clearance room on either side, requiring precise measurements to set the piece into the shoes for sliding.

Beam trolleys and chain falls were utilized as well to remove and replace the unit. Barnhart's quick response time from site visit to completion of the project met the customer's needs to ship the blower for repairs. In spite of an emergency equipment and personnel mobilization, the project was completed on time.