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Sludge Screw Removal and Replacement

Barnhart was hired to remove and replace two sludge screws at a pulp and paper mill in Washington. The screw was 39' long and weighed 22,000 pounds and was inside a structure with 2' of clearance on each side.

Barnhart set up a 550-ton crane in a tight work area and had to move around some obstacles in the yard. The crew used its moveable counterweight cantilever system (MOCCs) to reach inside the 4th floor of the structure and remove the screw

The old screw was then transported to a laydown yard where it got hauled off to the warehouse.

The process was reversed for the replacement of the screws. Barnhart was awarded the job because of their innovative approach of using the MOCCs, which enabled the job to be completed in just one day. The client has since reached out about future work.