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Wind Blade Exchange

A customer needed blades repaired at a site in Kansas and turned to Barnhart to improve their costs and schedule. The towers were over 375’ tall and the blades were heavy, at 35,000-plus pounds, and over 200’ long. Removal traditionally requires a two-crane method.

Barnhart used its Universal Blade Bar (UBB), which enabled the team to use a single 900-ton all-terrain crane. Using a single large but mobile crane is ideal when moving from turbine to turbine. The UBB also featured a remote-controlled Tip-Stick allowing the ground team to fine-tune center of gravity on the blades.

Barnhart also used a Multi-Tagline Device on site, which enabled one technician to control up to three taglines at a time, reducing labor costs to the customer.

Barnhart lowered the blades into adjustable tip-end saddles. New blades were installed, and the affected blades were repaired on the pad before being transported to an adjacent tower.

The project fulfilled the customer’s goal of both reducing costs and improving schedule.